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AD/Review - HappyNest Home

We all have THAT room in our home. You know the one - layout's not quite cracked, clutter accumulated, no proper flow or function. The one that makes you feel a little overwhelmed every time you're in it but when can you find the time or resources to solve it? There's only so many hours in the day & family life is non-stop. Might be an unloved corner, an overstuffed wardrobe, a chaotic kid's bedroom, disorganised kitchen or toy-filled playroom.

Emma at HappyNEST works her magic like a little fairy to help you to love that room again.

HappyNEST recently came to our playroom and totally transformed the space from an overcrowded room full of toys, disorganised craft resources and general clutter, to a wonderful space, perfectly organised, easily accessible and much loved by the children straight away!

Here Emma explains how she works her magic on rooms like ours;

The HappyNEST transformation process starts with an in-home consultation, working out how the transformation will create a happy place. Then we'll go away, do lots of interior styling and organisational product research & come up with a Design & Edit Plan with lots of practical organising as well as interior styling ideas. Important to note though that we re-use as much of your storage as possible. We're ALL about maximising what you already have in your home.

Edit & Install day is when the magic happens. We'll get everything out and start categorising and sorting- we'll encourage and help you edit out those items that no longer serve you, leaving you with only the things that make you happy and have a function in that space. We'll change the room's layout, get an organisational structure set up so that everything has a home (labelling/storage, the works) and we'll also style it, adding pre-agreed interior touches to elevate the space. We'll provide you with a comprehensive maintenance plan (including some extra interior design ideas) and we keep in touch because we love to hear how your space is working for you.

With Hannah, it started in lockdown so whilst normally, I'd recommend an in-home consultation (where I get to come and measure up, take photos and ask ALOT of questions) we did everything across email. Hannah sent me a load of photos of her lovely playroom. It's off the kitchen so it needed to be a practical but attractive space for the kids, with organisational systems for easy tidying -it's also the main access to the garden. We needed to create a relaxing/reading/supervising spot for adults and also (and I love when this happens!) Hannah wanted to achieve a much needed work corner, so we threw that into the mix. I love making rooms work as hard as possible - and look fab.

Instinctively, I felt before I even saw it in the flesh that the room layout needed re-jigging giving those in the kitchen a pleasing, restful view, as well as a well-earned spot for a cuppa when in the playroom and supervising garden play. We agreed that we likely needed some editing so as to maximise the space and give loved toys some breathing room. We also wanted to create more defined zones for reading, crafts and active playtime.

Edit Day arrived and every project is different and tailored to how it works for the client and their home.

For Hannah I was conscious that whilst I was whirling round the playroom she was working in the kitchen so I did a lot of quick fire editing, sorting and categorising straight off myself and then grabbed her over lunch to quickly sense check my decisions and gently coax any further editing. A fantastic array of craft material was edited, categorised and divided into core working stock (complete with Lazy Susan- love those!) and back stock (stored in garage for replenishing as necessary).

Hannah is my favourite type of client- pragmatic, decisive and enthusiastic of the process and we completed that phase in no time. Then it's nice to send clients away and completely re-arrange the room giving it a new layout and function - we found the perfect spot for that work desk and could absorb more toys that were in the sitting room into the playroom as well -a bonus as now the sitting room has a bit more space too.

That last hour or 2 was about refining the space and nailing the layout (with Hannah's approval and feedback) and then I got cracking, labelling and organising everything in sight! It's always fun if you can get creative with the colours that are already naturally in the room, so I rainbow ordered the books, toys and crafts too.

My favourite bit is when I get to go TA-DA and reveal the new layout and organisation to the client! It's like the room has a new lease of life and you can see it's true potential. I always send more organisational or styling ideas after our Edit Day and clients are really open to taking those on as mini projects in the longer term- this helps elevate that space even further.

I am thrilled with how the playroom looks and most importantly functions. I hope it is a useful, welcoming space for the family to enjoy for many years to come! Their very own HappyNEST!

We are absolutely thrilled with the play space transformation that HappyNest created for us. Emma was incredibly professional and organised, she did lots of research and prep work prior to the day so we could just leave her to it to crack on during Edit Day. I cannot believe how different the room feels, it feels so much bigger, and its lovely to have a home for everything with the main toys easily accessible to the children.

As busy parents we never had the time to organise and re-arrange in as much detail as Emma has done, we now refer to her as our little fairy!
We couldn’t be happier with the transformation and cant wait to get HappyNEST back another time to sort another room for us.

For more information about HappyNEST and to enquire about your own room transformation visit their website here