Brickies Play Centre

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Brickies at Holme Grange host awesome brick building parties, using LEGO® elements. Every 90 minute LEGO Building Party is carefully storyboarded to create an immersive experience for the children to build along to.

The team start with an engaging story supported with photo slides, and provide the children with building challenges that are linked into the story. There are no instructions to follow which promotes imagination and creativity. A Brickies Party Host will be on hand throughout to provide support in the form of ideas/suggestions for the builds and bundles of positive re-enforcement to ensure all children are continuously engaged.


Packages start at £75 for a party of 6 children.

The theme of the party can be tailored to the interests of the birthday child, delivering building challenges based around the chosen theme and connected by a story. We have special party themes available covering all of LEGO’s most popular brands including LEGO® CITY, Star Wars, Ninjago, Minecraft, Superheroes, Harry Potter, and LEGO® Friends. Plus we have many other custom themes including Pokemon, Dinosaurs, Space, Pirates, Underwater Adventures, Safari, Wacky Races, Crazy Construction and lots more.

As well as all that, every party includes a Brickies Birthday Gift Box for birthday child (inc Brickies T-Shirt, Badge and Brickies Block Tape), and all the guests will also receive a Brickies Badge too.


Brickies do not have a dedicated area for party food at their Wokingham Play Centre, but they do partner with their neighbours The Chocolate Cafe who offer various priced party food packages. You can contact The Chocolate Café on 0118 979 5125 to arrange your food directly

Email Jamie on to book your party