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Puzzalogical Escape!

Get Locked into a room with your team where you will play a vital part in the story. Discover clues and solve puzzles to complete your challenge.

If you are looking to be challenged and have some fun at the same time, then an escape room might just be perfect for you. Puzzalogical have multiple types of escape rooms to keep you entertained

Choose from 3 rooms:

The Secret Of The Vault
Prison Break
Pharaoh’s Mystery (coming soon)

You already have everything you need, so keep your eyes peeled! Anything you see could be the key you are looking for that’ll help you escape.

Escape Parties

Become a party legend by throwing an escape room party! One hour of exhilarating fun that will create lasting memories. For parties of more than 6 players, we can run multiple rooms at the same time.

We can hide a present in the room, arrange an area for you to have some cake and arrange catering.

You will get a photo of your team as a keep’s sake

Call us on 07856 342226 Teams from 10-15 years old must have an adult playing the game with them to supervise them


2-3 Players is £25pp

4-6 Players is £20pp


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