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I'm Nikita and I support people on the verge of transition. I sensitively navigate and intuitively guide them through the process of change with clarity and confidence. I have worked with a diverse range of men and women, at various stages in their lives. 


Last year alone I supported clients with fertility, redundancy, career change and divorce. I remember in the early years of my training, I naively asked my mentor "Do you have to have gone through these situations in order to coach someone through them?". She laughed and replied "We coach the person, not the problem. The tools are the same, you just need to know what would be right to use in that moment."

In my spare time I read, write and study in order to keep my tools sharpened and ensure I have a wide enough range to be able to give my clients the best results in the moment. I also have a coach on a regular basis, which is a fundamental part of my own mindset growth.

Many coaches hold outcomes for their clients, and have clear objectives at the start of each session. My style is not about goal setting or meeting targets, its about holding space for them to connect with themselves and thus find the answers they are looking for. All I do is remain present, non-judgmental and TRUST that they know what is right for them. I never give advice or share my opinion, instead I believe in them even if they have lost belief in themselves.

If you think you would benefit from coaching and mentoring, to gain clarity and confidence about your next steps reach out for a coffee call. Coaching with me is like having a chat with a friend, I create a safe space where you feel comfortable and at ease. I have a cosy treatment room in Berkshire, where I offer Reiki healing treatments and coaching as well as online.

If you would like to transition into the next phase of your life with confidence and clarity reach out, and I would be honoured to support your journey. For more information click

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