Wokingham Rocks

The Acorn Centre Nursery


The Acorn Centre, for children in their Pre-Reception year, provides a nurturing environment where they can be happy, independent, creative and confident. 

We offer flexible, year-round care from £62 per day from 7.45am-6pm. The day is structured around the way young children learn best, which includes uninterrupted time to direct their own play and make friends. We recognise that children also need times when adults plan and guide their activities with a clear focus, for example, on learning to count. Our children also engage in sessions when adults work directly with groups to teach them new things.  

The Acorn Centre stimulates children’s natural curiosity at a time when their world is expanding through new experiences, and they become more independent. As children grow and flourish in the centre, we know they are laying firm foundations for a seamless transition into their Reception class. For more information visit our website here or watch the video below.

We offer up to 15 hours government funding. Open 50 weeks a year, including Holiday Club outside term-time. Flexible attendance patterns. Convenient location opposite the University of Reading and walking distance from Royal Berks Hospital.

If you would like to book a visit to view The Acorn Centre click here.

Opening Hours

Monday07:45 - 18:00
Tuesday07:45 - 18:00
Wednesday07:45 - 18:00
Thursday07:45 - 18:00
Friday07:45 - 18:00


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