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Esprit Kids - where EVERY child is a champion!

Courtney Hows, the owner of Esprit Kids, has developed a brand new type of  gymnastics centre, that focuses on teaching skills that will stay with a child throughout their life. Courtney, herself a high level gymnast and coach explains, "we simply teach the sport we love to every child, no matter what their innate abilities may be. Every child is unique and they all progress at their own pace. So, if you teach them well and make sure it’s fun, there is no telling what they can go on to achieve, they just need to to be nurtured in a safe, happy, fun environment”. 

In our intimate, colourful environment we put just as much effort put into the comfort of you the parent as we do the children. There’s free tea and ‘proper’ coffee available, as well as WiFi and an impressive viewing area, which allows parents to comfortably watch their offspring perform or catch up on some work". 

Classes available include: 

Baby Gym - designed for parents and their new borns, from 4 to 20 months. From the very earliest age, Our classes start to build a critical foundation for your child’s future development. Not just in gymnastics either, our programme gives children the tools to help them throughout their life. Starting with their fine motor skills and simple things such as colour recognition, we help them develop independence, language development, muscle control and self-confidence, among many other things. Esprit’s Baby Gym will also ensure you are there to be part of building a strong foundation for their early years development. 

Pre-school gymnastics - 18 months to 4 years. These classes are so much more than forward rolls and cartwheels; it helps your child become more self-assured, confident and happy in their early years. Our programme is split into two stages (with parent and eventually without them), they are designed to prepare children, at their own pace, for after-school gymnastics classes. All sessions start with a fun warm-up, followed by circuits on our specially designed gymnastics equipment. Our qualified coaches work side-by-side with your little monkeys to improve their opportunities for a future of fun and fitness. 

Early years gymnastics - 4 to 12 years. Gymnastics is a sport that builds so much more than fitness and flexibility; it helps children develop the skills they need to succeed in life. In our fun, energetic classes, the gymnasts demonstrate progressive improvements, and your child will have their own achievement book, which is their record of an amazing gymnastic journey. A skill mastered and ticked off is something to be proud of, and throughout each 10-week term, the new skills mastered enable your gymnast to earn badges and certificates for their fantastic achievements.

Class Timetable:


 4-9 months - Thursday at 11:15 am - 45 min session
10-18 months - Monday, Tuesday or Friday at 11:00 am - 45 min session


18 months - 3 years - Tufty Monkey on Monday, Tuesday or Friday at 9:30 am or 10:15 am - 45 min session
18 months - 3 years - Tufty Monkey on Saturday at 9:00 am - 45 min session
3-4 years - Funky Monkey on Monday, Tuesday or Friday at 12:45 pm or 1:30 pm - 45 min session


4-5 years - Pre-development on Wednesday or Thursday at 3:45 pm - 45 min session
4-5 years - Pre-development on Saturday at 11:15 am - 45 min session
5-7 years - Development on Wednesday or Thursday at 4:30 pm - 60 min session
5-7 years - Development on Saturday at 12:00 pm - 60 min session
7-10 years - Juniors on Wednesday or Thursday at 5:30 pm - 60 min session
7-10 years - Juniors on Saturday at 1:00 pm - 60 min session
10-12 years - Seniors on Wednesday or Thursday at 6:30 pm - 60 min session
10-12 years - Seniors on Saturday at 2:00 pm - 60 min session

45 minute classes are £45 per month, based on one class per week.
60 minute classes are £60 per month, based on one class per week.
Annual membership fee £30, gives savings on camps, parties, other siblings and club merchandise.

Classes run for 50 weeks per year. You pay for just 48, divided into 12 equal monthly payments. If you wish to leave, there’s no notice period, just inform us and we’ll cancel your Direct Debit from the following month. 

Esprit Kids also does birthday parties and exclusive group bookings, as well as fun Easter and Summer camps - available to both members and non-members.

To find out more or to book your FREE taster session click here. 

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