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Pop Up Play Village is a mobile, educational role play village, that provides children with an opportunity to engage, explore and have lots of fun pretending to be different characters!  

When children enter into the role play village, they can become doctors, chefs, artists, vets, builders, adventurers, librarians, waiters and shopkeepers! Here, imagination leads the way so no two play sessions are the same!  

The Wokingham, Henley and Ascot Franchise is owned and run by Maria, who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the early years age group having worked in the sector since 1996, so she is very experienced in helping children get the most out of each role play experience.

Most importantly however, Maria is so passionate about children and parents having fun and socialising together. Pop Up Play Village sessions provide the opportunity to do exactly that as well as being perfect for siblings as the village is all in one room, so parents can see their little ones at all times.  

Because Pop Up Play Village is mobile, they can pop up anywhere. Your local village hall, nurseries, schools and preschools, a party, a wedding, a christening and even a corporate event!

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