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The Cut Countryside Corridor Walk from Jocks Lane, Binfield 

Did you know that there was a range of walks along The Cut (River) in Binfield, starting from Jock's Lane car park (RG12 2BH) all the way to Newell Green in Warfield?  A detailed map can be found on the @bracknellforest website here 

For little legs you can split the walk in two sections,  Jock's Lane to Garth Meadows and then along The Cut and then back through two copses.

 Start at Jocks Lane playground head towards  The Cut and follow the path on the right across the Binfield Road towards Garth Meadow.  Take the lower path with The Cut running alongside to your right hand side. There are a couple of bridges over The Cut along the way that are perfect for playing Pooh sticks! 

At the top of Garth Meadows you can either extend your walk all the way to Lark's Hill, Piggy Wood and back, or you can continue around to take the top path around the meadow.

Take in the panoramic views of Bracknell from this higher path.  If you're lucky you might even spot some cow's grazing (in the summer months)!

Our Wednesday Walk photographer Julia Morrison  braved her fear of walking past a herd of cows to take these fabulous photos! 

Back at Jock's Lane, there's a great playground for younger ones, as well as other facilities such as a splash pad (summer only), crazy golf, tennis courts, table tennis, Basketball, Coffee Shop, Miniature Railway, Picnic Tables 

You can also walk the other direction

At Jocks Lane car park (RG12 2BH) follow the path past the main building and crazy golf and head right down towards the riverside where you'll find a fantastic area for feeding the ducks.

The riverside path then leads you all the way to Temple Way with the river on your right.  There are plenty of little banks on the river along the way to spy on any passing ducks.

When you reach Temple Way, turn back around and follow the higher path until you reach Tinker's Copse, a dense little woodland great for spotting squirrels!  

Walk through Tinker's Copse and turn left on Boltons Lane for a few hundred yards until you get to Jock's Copse on your left.  

Jock's Copse has some great trees for climbing.  Make sure you also look out for the large wood carving to learn more about the traditional method of woodland management known as coppicing before heading back to Jocks Lane 

The Cut Countrside Walk  - image 1The Cut Countrside Walk  - image 2
The Cut Countrside Walk  - image 1The Cut Countrside Walk  - image 2

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