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💧 Wellesley Water Meadow 💧

🚙 Entrances to Wellesley Water Meadow are located along Mill Lane and is approximately 1.5 Miles from the Dukes Meadow Development, situated behind Wellington Country Park. Car park is FREE. 

👣 Wellesley Water Meadow, a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG), is 32 acres of tussock meadow. This is a nice circular walk that would be suitable for little legs. There are lots of interesting areas to look at along the way. ☀️

Located at the low point of the Wellesley Water Meadow the boardwalk crosses over a ditch and through the dense foliage; this provides additional walking routes and connections through the park.

🐁There are plenty of benches to sit and enjoy the view. Our highlight was seeing a little field mouse who even stopped long enough for us to get a photo (swipe to see). The ground is a little rough in areas so probably only suitable for an all terrain buggy.

Wellesley Water Meadow  - image 1Wellesley Water Meadow  - image 2
Wellesley Water Meadow  - image 1

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