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Use meditation, visualization, movement, breath-work, arts, story, role-play and writing for self development, trauma, pregnancy & postpartum, depression and anxiety with the support of an HCPC registered therapist.

Our sessions offer personalised and tailored treatment plans to address an individual’s specific needs and challenges, providing a safe and confidential space for exploration. This approach allows for deep and specific targeted work that is based entirely on the needs you bring into a session. 

These sessions are a space for you to explore vulnerable and difficult topics with the support of an experienced professional. You’ll have important chats, be walked through meditation and visualisation exercises, map out difficult topics on the floor, write letters between different parts of yourself, explore how understanding challenging emotional content through voice and movement can change your experience of it, and most importantly, you’ll be supported the entire way.

You’ll be working with owner and lead therapist, Amoreena Mann.

Amoreena is a passionate and experienced therapist, dedicated to helping individuals heal and grow through evidence-based creative techniques. Her expertise in the latest research on visualisation-based meditation and its application with traumatised individuals places her in a unique position to inform on holistic methods to respond to complex circumstances. 

Prior to opening Wokingham Dramatherapies, she spent several years doing therapeutic play with with children in refugee camps and settlements through the Flying Seagull Project and has run therapy groups for refugee’d adolescents referred for behavioural issues and children with autism. She’s taught several Self Harm to Self Care courses for parents, children and young people, designed courses teaching about co-dependence and resilience, has worked with children from gang related backgrounds in Los Angeles and has spent several years working in the innovation and creativity industry creating empathy driven enterprises, lecturing on meditation and and running creativity and design thinking workshops. She is now in the process of designing a meditation and emotional intelligence pilot programme for University College Dublin.

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What people are saying..

'I felt for the first time I could see myself and nurture this inner self that has been left behind for so long. For this and for so much more, in my opinion Amoreena is an amazing professional, and se has all the skills and tolls to be a helpful therapist for any of her clients.' 1-1 client, London. 

'I've always felt somewhat doubtful about meditation and all that it entails. However with guided meditation I've been able to access and comprehend situations and emotions in a safe space which has then translated into verbalising and illustrating these previous inaccessible parts of myself.' Ongoing Group Client, London. 

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