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Rebecca Hogan loves to help Mums work out who they are now they are a Mum because everything changes and most Mums wonder "Who am I now?" and "How do I do it all?"

The answer is to take time to pause and think about your matrescence.

Matrescence is the change in identity you experience when you become a Mum. 

Your relationships, your social life, how you feel about work and what feels fun now - it all changes when you become a Mum!

It can feel a lot to work through on your own as you're also learning how to keep a little one alive too!

Rebecca helps Mums to gain clarity on all this. So you can think and feel positive thoughts about yourself and enjoy the stage of motherhood you are in. It keeps changing as your child grows up especially if you go on to have more children. So it's great to know how to take a pause and navigate it all.

Rebecca can help you whether you want to improve your mood, how you feel about yourself, fix a relationship, decide whether to go back to work or not, chase a dream or goal you have.

You can find Rebecca on Instagram where she hosts weekly Matrescence Mondays at midday talking about how we change when we become a Mum and also how to manage Mum guilt, inner critic and more.

Rebecca has produced two FREE guides: 

Manage the juggle, download here.

Becoming a mum, download here.

To find out more about Rebecca and for more information on all she has to offer click here.