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BilinguaSing is a sensory music class with the added benefit of language learning too!  In our classes Mums, Dads and little ones learn Spanish or French together in a fun and engaging way that is appropriate for the development stage of each child. Familiar nursery rhymes are learnt in both Spanish or French (as well as English) so you don't need to know any foreign languages to join but as music really does aid memory, we’re sure you’ll be singing along after only a few sessions. Our songs are accompanied by actions, dancing, sign language, puppets, bubbles, sensory lights and a whole host more so we really pack a lot into one class! 

So, BilinguaSing is a music, movement, language and sensory class all in one where parents can learn something new too.  We are passionate about babies & children being introduced to a second language from birth, or as early as possible.  Being exposed to the sounds of another language from such a young age (even before babies can speak their own mother tongue) helps develop their brains so they find language learning much more natural in later life – amazing! 

'Baby Loves Spanish/French' programmes are suitable for babies (from one month old) until they are confident walkers. The classes incorporate relaxing sensory elements and techniques inspired by baby massage.

Our ‘Family French / Spanish’ programmes are mixed age group classes, perfect for siblings to attend together.  The classes are super-active and lots of fun.

Class Times

Mondays -Bradbury Centre, Wokingham

9:30am: Family Spanish (0-4 years)

10:30am: Family French (0-4 years)

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