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What makes Bombay Story different?

We actually really care. We know that is easy to say, but our aim is to deliver an experience-led restaurant, serving unique, fresh, authentic, healthy Indian cuisine.

We travel the world to learn and bring the very best to Bombay Story. Everything is considered, from the food, the staff and the crockery to the height of the chairs you sit on!

By the people, for the people.

Are you independent?

Yes! We are the one and only ‘Bombay Story’... at the moment. If you visit, you will most likely see me in the restaurant (one of the two owners)!
We believe that it is important to get it right, to ensure we are the best we can be. Small but with award winning chefs and an experienced team, delivering delicious unique food. Who knows what the future may bring…

What are your Chef’s recommended dish’s?

It is quite hard to pick just one favourite from our menu, as there are so many different types of dish. However, our chef’s are really proud of the number of vegan and vegetarian options available on the menu.

One of our new creations is ‘Kitchen Curry’ – a flavoursome curry, consisting of tandoori plant-based meat, stewed in an onion-tomatoe-based sauce and flavoured with fresh herbs and spices.

We are also very proud to be one of the only Indian restaurant (definitely the only one in Wokingham), to offer a ‘Chicken Papdi Chaat’ – a traditional street food snack found all over Indian, with tangy chicken tikka and yoghurt, fresh herbs and onions served on crunchy wheat crisps.

And we can’t miss our favourite from the grill, ‘Adraki Lamb Chaamp’. The most delicious lamp chops from Wales, with ginger and cumin marinade, Rajasthani sula masala, with our garlic and yoghurt dip and corriander chutney,

We then have indulgent desserts, created with a traditional twist – Gulab Jamun Cheesecake, to name just one. You have to try for yourself!

What times is Bombay Story open?

We are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner (12:00pm – 23:00pm), and from 9am on weekends for breakfast.
We also have a 3-hour Happy Hour, 3-6pm, Monday – Friday. Try our special ‘Queen of Wokingham’ cocktail, two for £12.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future?

We have been overwhelmed by the support received in Wokingham since opening, and to meet the demand we have decided to expand. We should be ready to announce all plans very soon…

Why did you decide to open in Wokingham?

Wokingham is a historic market town, with a long history of good food and drink establishments so it seemed like a great fit for us. The community in Wokingham embraces new experiences, and we wanted to share Bombay Story with them. We also have lived in Wokingham for a number of years, so personally, we believe it is a very special place. We hope to give back to the community for years to come, not only through our delicious food!

What do you think of Peach Place?

The new ‘piazza’ is fab! We think the council have delivered a fantastic place for the Wokingham residents. We recently put on a ‘Bollywood dance workshop’ in Peach Place and it provided a great venue. We look forward to creating more events, and enjoying those already planned. In the recent heatwave, it felt like we were in the Mediterranean somewhere!

Can you order a takeaway from Bombay Story?

Yes! At the moment, you can order a takeaway from us directly, for collection only (unless previously booked in and with a minimum spend reached). However, we plan to change this very soon… we would love to deliver in our Tuk Tuk!
You can also order takeaways from Bombay Story through UberEats, for delivery.
We are in talks with Deliveroo and JustEat.

How would you describe the 'Bombay Story Experience'?

This question is probably easier for me to answer if it is – ‘how would you like your customers to feel’, as we want everyone to enjoy our restaurant and be present in the moment. Whether that be with family, friends or for business, we want to provide an environment where people can relax and be who they need/want to be, no matter what the occasion.

Bombay Story is for everyone and every event. We feel honoured to have been part of so many peoples special moments; wedding proposals, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, casual lunches, monthly dinners. Some of our customers are like family to us, we support them to their tables and like to treat everyone on those special occasions. Our aim is to make their day a little bit better…

Bombay Story have invested in fine wines and have an extensive drinks menu, which is your favourite?

I have personally worked very hard on this, to ensure we offer the finest wines to our customers, but at competitive prices. My favourites (and I have tried them all), has to be our wine by the glass. To be able to offer a glass of the best to someone, instead of reserving those for whole bottle purchases, is a big thing for me. Everyone deserves the finest.

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