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Curbb - the new way to shop

Curbb is latest business to launch in the Wokingham area – and it’s a great one! This innovative company is here to hep busy families/people to get items from store to door at the speed of a takeaway.

Curbb works like this... You buy from local sellers and are rewarded with the fastest form of delivery available. All the while, supporting local sellers and creators!

Curbb is here for those moments when you just need something super quickly but don’t have time to get to the shops. Perfect for that forgotten item. Curbb is an online store delivering goods to customers within 2 hours of purchasing. Its super speedy and super convenient.

Curbb uses local shops so it has a super positive impact on the local community and local economy. Spend local → Your local digital high street grows → You find more products available for immediate delivery → Happy, thriving local economy.

Below Curbb tell us all about their exciting new business, how it works, what is all about and how you can become a part of it.

What is Curbb?

Curbb is an online store delivering goods to customers within 2 hours of purchasing. Its super speedy, super convenient and a massive help for people who just don’t have the time to pop to the shops.

Visit the Curbb website here

What can I buy on Curbb?

You can buy anything on Curbb, it all depends on what sellers are available on the website. We use local stores, both physical and online, to fulfil our orders. So you can buy anything from clothing for a night out, to candles for the home, or gifts for that special occasion.

Who can sell on Curbb?

Anyone can create a store, as long as their stock is located within our delivery zone. Orders can only be taken from a store during the hours they’re logged into the website - in other words, when they’re able to hand an order over to our couriers. More information on this can be provided by contacting us at contact@curbb.co.uk or following the seller sign-up options on the website

What times does Curbb operate?

We do not have set hours, much like with food-delivery apps we remain open whilst our stores are open and there’s still couriers available to make delivery We aim to deliver as many hours as we can in a bid to provide the ultimate convenience for our customers.

Why has Curbb been created?

Everything nowadays is about speed and convenience. We found that next-day delivery is almost a thing of the past - it’s not fast enough. Sadly, our high streets have been suffering for years now which means less people are heading into town in a bid to find what they need.

By creating a new style of local shopping, we want to give the residents of a town a superior experience in speed and choice, whilst growing local stores by putting their products in front of people who want them in an instant.

In order to achieve such a service, we’ve ensured that it’s as simple as possible for all involved. The aim is for Curbb to be the one-stop shop for anything, delivered to you within 2 hours of ordering.

Why is there a waitlist?

We currently have a waitlist for joining the website. This can be fast tracked if you know someone who is already registered - if they’ll spare you one of their invites!

We want to provide the best experience we can and that means we’re limiting our users as we get a feel for things. It’s something we hope to eliminate in the near future to welcome all onto the website.

In the meantime, anyone who wants to join the queue can do so by creating an account and we’ll let you in when space is available!

What does the future look like for Curbb?

The vision is for the areas we operate in to thrive once again as they did before the internet, but even more so!

Although we’ll be spreading nationwide, each area will have its own unique stores where only local people can buy from - the same as how Deliveroo works.

By understanding local supply and demand, we expect to see more local businesses launching and growing on Curbb and we’ll see more flexible jobs available in the form of couriers in the gig economy.

We’re also looking into ways to make our service as eco-friendly as possible. Less delivery by cars and more by other modes of transport. It’s something we’ll be focussing on.

Visit the Curbb website here

Where does Curbb deliver to currently

At the moment, we deliver to areas in Bracknell and Wokingham, depending on where you are. Our specific delivery zone isn’t yet official so we’ll let you know soon.

Who can deliver for Curbb?

Anyone interested in delivering for us can contact us via our social media or email here . As long as you have a form of transportation and are over the age of 18 years old.

To see what Curbb is all about click here for more information.