Wokingham Rocks

Wokingham Painted Rocks

The Wokingham Painted Rock group has a huge following in Wokingham. Local resident Nicki set up a very successful Facebook page for rock painters and hunters in Wokingham.

This is a brilliant free activity for everyone to get involved in.

Wokingham Painted Rocks is a 'just for fun' community art activity where you paint a rock and hide it somewhere in Wokingham for others to find. There are no rules on designs, you can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Just make sure you varnish the rocks so they are weather proof if they are hidden for a little while.

If you are one of the lucky ones to find a rock then you are encouraged to take a photo and post it on their Facebook page . You can then re hide the rock for someone else to find, or if you are particularly fond of it you are welcome to take it home.

We are blessed with so many beautiful green spaces in Wokingham so there is plenty of places to go rock hunting. Take a look at some of our recommendations for walks here, these are often popular with painted rock hunters. Simons Wood has been a particular favourite recently!

Good luck and happy hunting!

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